Madhura International, India
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required for Engine, Vehicle and Generator

Gambia (W. Africa) Counselor & Head of Chancery visited Madhura office-26August 2016

His Excellency Mr. Alieu Bah, the Counsellor & Head of Chancery (ex-Finance minister of Gambia) visited Madhura office on 26th August 2016 along with Mr. Pikou Punjabi of REAALS. His Excellency was received by Mr. Ram Shinde, CEO & Proprietor of Madhura. Gambia is interested in Madhura setting up Solar Power plant in their country. Madhura discussed possibilities of such venture in Gambia. REAALS will co-ordinate with Gambia for such projects. Madhura supply Electrical equipments to Africa. Tanzania Electric Supply Co (TANESCO) is Madhura's major customer.