Madhura offers
Controls & Solutions
for Engine, Vehicle and Generator

  1. Engine and Generator Controllers
  2. Electronic Throttle Controls
  3. Electronic Speed Governors
  4. Load Banks
  5. Ignition System for Gas Engines
  6. APFC Controllers


You can download the company brochure and Product PDFs from here.

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Turbo Blowers & Compressors

LiCAP Brochure

DC-DC Converter brochure

BMS -Battery Management systems

Hybrid Controller

IG200 Synchronizing controller

GILL Sensors 2018 catalogue

GAC Electronic Governor catalogue

Liquid Level Sensor-Industrial (GILL, UK)

Oil Debris Sensor-GS Condition 1599 (GILL, UK)

Liquid Level Sensor- 4223 Light weight (GILL, UK)

Oil Condition monitoring sensor -standard (GILL< UK)

Oil condition monitoring sensor -Industrial (GILL UK)

Position Sensors -Blade 60(GILL, UK)

ALN Series - Push Linear Actuators / 22mm Stroke

ADC 225 - 225 Series for Multi-Plunger Fuel Pumps & Carburetors

MCS - Mobile Control Systems Electronic throttle controls for On and Off Highway vehicules

InteliVision 17Touch 17“ Touchscreen Display Unit

InteliDrive Mobile Electronic Controller for Off-road Vehicles and Machinery

InteliDrive DCU Marine Modular Certified Engine Controller for Marine Applications

InteliDrive Lite FPC Engine Controller Designed for Diesel Driven Fire Pump Applications

InteliDrive® DCU Industrial Engine Controller for Pumps and Compressors

InteliDrive Lite EM Engine Controller for Electric Asynchronous Motors

InteliDrive IPC Irrigation Pump Controller

InteliDrive IPU Industrial Power Unit Controller

InteliDrive Lite Engine Controller for Pumps and Compressors

InteliSys NT BaseBox Complex Parallel and Cogeneration (CHP) Gen-set Controller

InteliCompactNT MINT Genset Controller for Multiple Parallel Applications

InteliLite AMF 25 Next generation most advanced AMF controller

InteliLiteNT AMF 25 Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Gen-set Controller

InteliNanoNT Plus - Supreme model AMF and MRS

AMF9i Controller- ComAp